16 Yerba Mate Celebrities: Pope Francis, Tim Ferris, 3 Presidents & More Yerba Celebrity Fanatics

Mate was originally a drink only enjoyed by citizens of a select few south American and Middle Eastern countries. However, in the last two decades Mate’s influence has exploded, ballooning around the world, gaining followers and fans from all countries. Many celebrities are daily drinkers, enjoying the relaxing yet stimulating effects of the tea as well as the many other health benefits. Mate has influence in all industries from politics to athletics, business to religion. Below we list 16 famous celebrities who enjoy drinking Yerba Mate tea.

Pope Francis
That’s right, the leader of the catholic church is a regular Yerba Mate drinker. He grew up in Argentina where daily Yerba Mate consumption is the norm, he has carried his gourd and bombilla with him around the world while he spreads god’s message. He will even occasionally share a cup with strangers on the street! According to NewsMax.com Pope Francis is a daily Yerba Mate drinker and he credits the drink with helping him get over some nerve issues he has been having: “Must treat them well, these nerves, give them mate everyday”.

Tim Ferris
This man doesn’t just like Yerba Mate, he is a certified evangelist. After living in South America Tim picked up many typical Argentine cultural traditions: The Spanish language, tango, and of course drinking Argentine yerba mate. To this day Tim Ferris enjoys drinking daily cups of mate, in his article on mate he writes

“The gourd is my constant companion” – FourHourWorkweek.com

He credits mate to giving him a sustainable energy boost that helps him stay productive throughout the day.  His favorite brand is the Argentine Cruz de Malta – which also made Planet Yerba Mate’s 5 best tea brands list. Tim Ferris has inspired many burgeoning entrepreneurs to create location independent passive streams of income. Many of these same fans who read the 4-hour workweek are now mate super fans. He recommends mate in his blog, on podcasts, and in articles he’s written for other outlets.

Vigo Mortenson
Vigo spent part of his childhood in Argentina, and the tradition of Yerba Mate has been with him ever since. In a great interview done with People Espanol he speaks about the trouble he has finding Mate when he is travelling. He prefers to bring his favorite brand along with him, however when travelling to Toronto he had some problems with airport officials.

“Of course they asked me if it’s a bong or a pipe to smoke pot. I’ve made the mistake of putting the mate in a plastic Ziploc bag instead of its original packaging, so that it ends up looking like pot. At first, they always think the worst, but then you explain to them what it is, and it’s always been OK,” – People Espanol

To anyone taking their mate with them on a plane, I’d advise always keeping it in the original packaging. A mysterious Ziploc bag full of ground green leaves looks a bit suspicious! Luckily for Vigo and for the people of Toronto he got through security with no more problems.

President Obama

The leader of the free world had his first cup of Yerba Mate recently while visiting Argentina. He joked about Mate continuously during his media tour through Argentina, he even said that his staff credits some of his impresive speeches while on the Argentine diplomatic trail to the positive effects of mate.

Hillary Clinton
The previous secretary of state, and current front-runner to be the next President of the United States has been known to enjoy Yerba Mate according to the British newspaper The Independent. Next time Obama goes to Argentina maybe Clinton can catch a ride with him on Air Force One. Bring back mate for us all Clinton!

Che Guevara
It’s not only politicians and athletes who drink mate, it’s also political revolutionaries. There are some priceless black and white photos showing the iconic Che Guevara sipping mate out of a traditional gourd.

The famous Argentine footballer has been known to leave Uruguayan games & Barcelona practices while drinking from his gourd. His love for the South American tea may help him connect both on the field and off it with the next man on the list, fellow footballer Lionel Messi.

The bundle of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that make up yerba mate might give him an extra energy boost on the pitch – but he doesn’t need it. The greatest footballer of his generation, Messi is a fan of Argentine Mate tea.

Lula da Silva

The 8-year president of Brazil Lula da Silva has been known to drink Brazilian  erva mate (chimarrao). Currently embattled in a political crisis and facing criminal investigations Lula could use a cup of tea to escape from his political enemies.

Jose Mujica
The ex-president of Uruguay is as humble a man as you will ever find. According to dailymail.co.uk a farmer who spoke with president Mujica had a conversation with Mujica who complained about the high price of Brazilian mate (about $10 for 2 pounds) and complemented the Paraguayan farmers for delivering good mate at low prices. When can I move to Uruguay?

Jorge Luis Borges & Julio Cortázar
Obama in his comments on Yerba Mate said that he first learned of mate while reading from the works of the Argentine writers Jorge Luis Borges & Julio Cortázar. There words helped bring to life Argentine culture. These two great writers wrote of mate in their stories, bringing to life the tea traditions of Argentina for foreign readers.

According to The Independent Madonna is known to drink Yerba Mate. The independent journalist speculates that the appetite suppressing characteristics of mate is what Madonna may be drawn to.

3 more celebrities were linked to mate according to the Independent article: Matt Dillon, Meg Ryan , & Gwyneth Paltrow.

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