5 Best Yerba Mate Brands: Tea Bags & Loose Leaf Teas

Yerba Mate is the lion among teas. A tea packed with enough vitamins, nutrients & amino acids to give you a sustained energy boost throughout your day. However not all Mate brands are created equal.  There are thousands of producers in South America, and thousands more individual business that rebrand and re-package Yerba Mate sourced teas from Brazil & Argentina. All of these competitors can make it difficult to truly find the top quality brands. That’s why, here in this article we will break down the best Yerba Mate brands reviewed personally by our writers. No need to scour the internet for the top Yerba Mate reviews, here at Planet Yerba Mate we have done all the hard work for you. The ratings below take into account 5 different factors: taste, quality, brand reputation, growth methods & our writers personal recommendations.

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Guayaki – 5 Stars
A popular brand among North American consumers, Guayaki is both a certified Fair Trade & Kosher Yerba Mate company which takes sustainably sourced mate grown by local farmers in Paraguay, Argentina & Brazil and packages it into many types of beverages.

This mate features lower acidity and milder taste than many more traditional alternatives. The product packages are biodegradable and the tea itself is certified by many American health and safety organizations.

The flavor is more mellow with slightly nutty tones. The loose leaf is a bit thicker/courser than average, making it a bit weaker, less bitter, and less acidic than other more traditional options.

This is the top recommended Yerba Mate brand for beginner & moderate drinkers.  Overall it’s a delicious tea; an absolute top quality brand of Mate with great flavoring. For the vast majority of North American consumers Guayaki is the best option available!

Cruz De Malta – 5 Stars

Many South Americans believe Guayaki is to rough cut and the nutty flavoring is not traditional enough; many of
these consumers prefer the more traditional flavors found in Cruz De Malta. Cruz De Malta is a favorite among Argentines for its bold taste. This tea has sweet yet slightly smoky tones, is bitter in taste, and has a full flavor that Mate traditionalists love. The loose leaf version has a large amount of cut stems, and is relatively low in powder compared to many of its competitors. The low powder ratio makes it a very clean & enjoyable drink; without a doubt this is one of the best Mate teas currently on the market! Available as both loose leaf & tea bags. Prices starting under $10 per pound.

Recommended for: lovers of strong & bold flavored yerba mate, frequent mate drinkers, Argentines & Paraguayans, & anyone who wants to find the traditional taste of South American Tea. Cruz De Malta is the gold standard for authentic argentine and Paraguayan Yerba Mate. This is the recommended best Yerba Mate Brand for those who are looking for a traditional and authentic South America tea.

Taragui – 4 Stars

High quality Mate with a characteristically strong taste. The loose leaf teas have very fine powder which add strength to the tea, making the mate more potent and also giving it added tastes. Not recommended for beginning mate drinkers (common complaints are its too strong, flavors are too bold). Definitely recommended for traditionalists who love Argentinian Mate brands, who want strong flavors, and who crave an extra kick from Mateine (caffeine) found in the finely ground Taragui mate leaves.

This is the strongest Mate tea on the market. It has the strongest tastes & the highest levels of caffeine. Recommended for those who want the biggest energy boost!

Mate Leao – 4.5 Stars

The yerba mate of choice for all Brazilians. Walking around a Brazilian supermarket you will see that this is without a doubt the most popular brand of Mate Tea. Generally Matte Leao has a much milder flavoring than its Argentinian competitors. Also, added flavoring is often added to matte leao tea bags and loose leaf teas; this added flavoring can change the taste. Tea bags with lemon, lime, orange & more flavor choice are available. These flavored mates are great when paired with breakfast or an afternoon snack. These flavors reduce the bitter aspects inherent in mate; many Brazilians prefer this to traditional blends.

Recommended for those who want a traditional & authentic blend with a milder taste. Recommended for beginners & intermediate Mate drinkers, and for anyone who enjoys Brazilian Mate Tea, or as it is known here in Brazil as ‘erva mate cha ou chimarrão’.

Rosamonte – 3.5 Stars

For the writers at Planet Yerba Mate, this is not one of our favorite loose leaf blends.  It features a very bold, malty & bitter taste, and it is quite powdery in loose leaf form.  It makes the lists because it is a favorite among some, especially some macho men in Argentina & Paraguay, who prefer their Yerba Mate to be strong with a bitter kick to it. While Rosamonte is a popular brand, with many devoted drinkers, simply put there are better loose leaf brands on the market. If you are looking for a traditional blend with a strong taste, we prefer Cruz De Malta and Taragui.

However, the Rosamonte tea bags or ‘mate cocido’ are delicious and are some of the best yerba mate tea bags on the market. Many of the drawbacks associated with the loose leaf become positives in the tea bags. The powder is kept inside the bag, which gives the drinker a highly potent brew, without the same taste draw backs that Rosamonte’s loose leaf tea have.

Recommended for those who want the most powdery loose leaf mate teas & for those who want strong flavored Mate Tea bags.

Whether you are drinking piping hot loose leaf Yerba Mate from your gourd & bombilla, taking a morning cup of Mate directly from tea bags, or mixing your mate with sugar and serving it cold as Cold Mate Tea all of these recommended Yerba Mate tea brands will produce a quality brew every time! You can get all of the brands recommended in this article delivered to your doorstep via Amazon; start shopping here.

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