3 Best Mate Gourds/Cups Reviews

The most important things to consider when buying a gourd are: size, style, material & cost. We are going to discuss all of these aspects and our recommendations are based on these categories. Here is our list for the 3 best mate gourds/cups!

Handmade Sun Gourd & Bombilla (Tealyra) – 5 Stars

Size: Medium Style: Argentine Material: Gourd Cost: $30

It is obvious why these art pieces makes our list of the top 7 yerba mate cups & gourds! This hand carved smiling sun is a great design. In addition this gourd comes with a hand carved bombilla. This cup is made from a gourd, it is a very traditional style that can be seen all across south america. However, the sun is a totally unique touch that is sure to separate your gourd from all the others. In addition, this listing also includes other creative designs. The drawback to this gourd is the bombila. Here at PlanetYerbaMate we prefer metal bombillas that include multiple filter systems. This can reduce the amount of leaf you take in when you drink. However, many people would disagree with this statement, and the straw does have small wholes at the bottom to reduce leaf intake. The style of the gourd and the expert craftsmanship of the bombilla earns this gourd 5 stars. You can get this gourd for $30 with free shipping.

Hand-Carved Gourd & Bombilla (Tealyra) 

Size: Medium Style: Argentine Material: Gourd Cost: $29-$42

This gourd is sold by the same company as the sun gourd above and it has many of the same qualities. It is also handmade in Argentina, featuring an elaborately carved face and a silver drinking rim. There are many other great designs to choose from. One difference with these gourds and the ones above is the quality of the bombilla. While this bombilla is not handmade, it does look to have a superior filtration system. These gourds range from $29-$42. Many of these designs are totally unique, and are styles that I’ve never seen before. These are great looking medium sized gourds that you will be happy with.


Handmade Gourd & Bombilla (YerbaSupply) – 5 Stars

Size: Small Style: Argentine Material: Glass Cost: $30

This is a handmade gourd made of glass and wrapped with cloth. This gourd also comes with a handmade bombilla, a free stainless steel stand and a woven pouch. This gourd receives 5 stars for its size, style and added gifts. This gourd is small in size and is ideal for personal use. The glass material makes it very easy to clean the interior with a wet cloth. It comes with a stand which is very useful when you put this gourd away for storage or when you rest it on a table in between uses. The free draw string pouch is also an added bonus; the pouch makes it easier to transport your gourd without it becoming dirty. You can get this gourd for $30 with free shipping.

What makes a great Yerba Mate Gourd (Yerba Mate Cup)?

Here is some information on how we made our decisions & how we came to these grades.

Size isn’t everything when it comes to gourds. Often the size of the gourd can make it difficult to hold. In addition, a larger size can affect the taste and temperature of the Mate. Large gourds are best when you are drinking in a large tea circle. Small gourds are best for personal use. Most people would benefit from having a small gourd. Smaller gourds can comfortably support 2 or 3 drinkers at a time.

Style is totally dependent on your tastes. Some people want their gourd to be an art piece, an exhibition to the world showing what they care about. Others just want their gourd to be functional, to do the job. This list contains both varieties and it is totally up to you decide which one is best for you. We at PlanetYerbaMate prefer the handmade variety that show craftsmanship and are unique to the maker.

Gourds can be made out of the fruit of a gourd vine, horn, glass, metal and a variety of other materials. Many people have strong opinions about what is the best material to use, which supplies provide the best flavor and which gourds are the healthiest options. Each material has its own merit and for now we have noted the material in this list but not cast judgment on which is the best.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best mate gourds & cups! If you are looking to purchase a complete Yerba Mate starter kit, find our recommendations for the best compete starter sets here.

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