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Yerba Mate vs Coffee

Frequent coffee drinkers commonly complain of acid belly, bad breath, stained teeth, calorie rich creams & sweeteners, soaring caffeine highs & crashing lows. Most people simply grit and bear it because they need caffeine to get them through the day. They drag these issues around with them

3 Best Mate Gourds/Cups Reviews

The most important things to consider when buying a gourd are: size, style, material & cost. We are going to discuss all of these aspects and our recommendations are based on these categories. Here is our list for the 3 best mate gourds/cups! Handmade Sun Gourd &

Yerba Mate Reviews: Guayaki Cans & Energy Shots

If you are looking for an on-the-go solution to get sustained energy that won’t leave you crashing in a few hours then Guayaki’s canned teas & energy shots are the best option for you. Guayaki sells many flavors of their canned yerba mate tea blends. These teas are

3 Best Organic Yerba Mate Brands: Tea Bags & Loose Leaf

The push towards organic and sustainably sourced products in the 21st century has been especially important for Yerba Mate production. All of the brands mentioned in the lists use non-smoked or smokeless methods to dry their mate. In contrast, the majority of mate brands on the market use

5 Best Yerba Mate Sets/Kits: Gourd, Bombilla & Mate

So you’re in the market for a yerba mate set; a complete kit to get started drinking mate the traditional way. You will need 3 things: a gourd, a bombilla and a bit of loose leaf mate. There are many starter kits available; this article rates and

How To Drink Yerba Mate Tea

There are many ways to enjoy a cup of mate tea. In this article I will go over 4 ways for how to drink yerba mate. Here is a list of the ways Yerba Mate can be drank: Traditionally: via a gourd & bombilla. For hot days:

How to Prepare Yerba Mate?

The worst thing that can happen to any mateiro is a clogged gourd. Once you read this article you will never have this disastrous problem happen to you! First let me set-up the nightmarish clogged gourd of mate scenario. Imagine. You are all ready to enjoy a

Yerba Mate Is President Obama’s New Favorite Drink

Obama’s got a new favorite tea! According to The Telegraph Obama’s favorite drink used to be “black forest berry iced tea”, but now all he can talk about is his love for Argentine Yerba Mate. It’s not hard to see why, Mate is packed with 24 vitamins

Yerba Mate Taste & Flavor: Killing All Myths & Urban Legends

The simple answer: Most people say it has an earthy taste, it is generally bitter, with a light body, and none of the characteristic acidity found in coffee. It is high in caffeine content (matteine) and healthy vitamins & minerals. It is a stimulating tea that gives