Best Yerba Mate K Cups: Keurig & Single Serve Brewers

Without a doubt the Yerba Mate K Cup is the easiest way to brew a quick cup of delicious Yerba Mate Tea. Producers take loose leaf Yerba Mate tea and they pack it into a disposable K-Cup. The result is an easy to brew, quick to make, and flavorful cup of Yerba Mate tea. All options listed here are compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewers and other single serve brewing machines.

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Advantages: Compared with Yerba Mate Loose Leaf & Yerba Mate Tea Bags

  • Lighting quick brew time.
  • No mess & no cleanup.
  • Simple 1 step brewing process.
  • Lighter taste. (A common complaint of other yerba mate brewing methods is the strength of the cup. K cups give a lighter taste, which first time Mate drinkers frequently enjoy!)

Disadvantages: Compared with Yerba Mate Loose Leaf & Yerba Mate Tea Bags

  • Lighter taste. ( Yerba Mate enthusiasts may find this to be too weak for their tastes)
  • Not traditional. (South Americans prefer Gourd & Bombilla Loose Leaf Mate or sweetened Mate tea bag alternatives.)
  • Need a single serve brewing machine to make the tea.

While Yerba Mate K Cups are a relatively new evolution of the traditional South American tea, there are a few companies that are currently leading the pack.

The Special Tea Company sells 10 packs of organically grown yerba mate k-cups. The taste of Special Tea’s Yerba Mate is relatively sweeter and lighter than an average cup of loose leaf Mate. The quicker brew times associated with single serve yerba mate gives the drink a lighter taste compared to brewing yerba mate with a tea bag (where you can leave the tea bags too steep for minutes). Special Tea’s Yerba Mate k-cups let you brew 2 cups from a single pod, effectively doubling the amount you can get out of a single purchase! Here at Planet Yerba Mate we like Special Tea’s K-cups the best. Due to the fact that they use high quality loose leaf yerba mate, organic blends, and the fact that every pod makes 2 cups of tea.

A second high quality option is to purchase refillable & reusable k-cups. This way you get all of the advantages of a quickly brewed cup of tea, but you get to choose which loose leaf yerba mate tea you want to drink. This is a cheaper option. However, you need to clean these cups frequently, and you need to purchase loose leaf yerba mate, and load it into your refillable and reusable k-cup every time you brew a cup of tea. A great option for tea lovers who have a special favorite type of loose leaf tea that they want to brew quickly in their Keurig.

Overall Yerba Mate k-cups are a quick and easy way to drink your favorite tea. While not a traditional way to drink Mate Tea, the k-cup is a modern twist on the ancient recipe. A convenient adaption that helps tea lovers enjoy their tea wherever they are!

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