How To Drink Yerba Mate Tea

There are many ways to enjoy a cup of mate tea. In this article I will go over 4 ways for how to drink yerba mate. Here is a list of the ways Yerba Mate can be drank:

  • Traditionally: via a gourd & bombilla.
  • For hot days: iced yerba mate
  • The old fashion western: tea bags.
  • On-the go: in pre-mixed cans, drinks, energy shots & more ready made recipes.

How To Drink Mate Tea In 6 Easy Steps:

The Traditional Method: Gourd & Bombilla

  • boil water and let sit for 3 or 4 minutes.
  • place mate inside your gourd, place your hand over the top of the gourd and shake. Keep gourd tilted at an angle.
  • Place straw in tilted gourd.
  • Place gourd on a table.
  • After water has sat pour water into your gourd.
  • Sit back & relax and enjoy your Yerba Mate. Remember that a single gourd of mate can be enjoyed multiple times (typically 5-15 depending on taste). Once the gourd is empty of water, re-pour a measure over the top and enjoy again.

You can find a video of this entire process here.

Yerba Mate Iced Tea

This recipe is simple and refreshing on a warm day. You will need a large pitcher, 5 yerba mate tea bags, sugar, and a refrigerator or cooler.

  • Boil 1.5 liters of water.
  • Steep 5 yerba mate tea bags, for 10 minutes, in 1.5 liters of water.
  • Add 5 table spoons of sugar and stir for 30 second.
  • Refrigerate tea for 1 hour or until chilled.
  • Serve cold over ice!

The Western

I call this method the old fashioned western because it is the way that tea has been made in American households for hundreds of years and will likely continue to be made for another hundred years. It is ridiculously simple, but delicious.

Requires: a kettle (or pot) & mate tea bags.

Optional: citrus fruit and sugar to add flavoring.

How To Make: Place the tea bag inside of the mug, boil water & pour it over the tea bag.

Optional: Add sugar to taste. Squeeze a few squirts of orange, lemon or lime juice into the tea and stir. For those looking for a stronger citrus flavor, plop a slice of the citrus fruit on-top of the tea and enjoy.

In addition, keep in mind the fact that Yerba Mate is a tea, and can be enjoyed in all of the ways teas can be consumed: tea infusions, french press, single serve Keurig makers and more. Choose the style that best fits your taste buds.

On-The Go

Nowadays many companies sell bottled or canned Yerba Mate mixes. Gauyaki has many varieties that are quite popular. If you shop online & buy in bulk you can save up to 60% off of the price you will pay for individual bottles in the supermarket.

Now you know how to drink Yerba Mate and you know 4 different recipes. Enjoy!

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