Matte Leão Tea, the taste of Brazil. It has tasty, light, and very well balanced flavors. It features a very smooth taste and moderate levels of caffeine. The most popular tea, in the biggest country in South America. The #1 choice for iced tea in the Mate category. The Brazilian beaches are full of travelling food carts, stocked with iced tea & sweetened matte Leão. Leão comes in many flavors: chá mate natural, mate tostado (loose leaf), chá mate Limão (lemon flavored Mate), & Mate Citrico (citrus/orange flavored).

Inside Tip: Make Mate Leão Iced Tea

A favorite among Brazilians is chá mate gelado (iced yerba mate tea). This drink is amazing on a hot day, and the perfect drink for a day on the beach.

recipe: Brew Matte Leão Natural ( 5 bags) in 1.5 liters of water. Let the yerba mate steep for ten minutes. Add five table spoons of sugar and stir for 1 minute. Refrigerate tea for 1 hour or until chilled. Serve cold with ice!

Matte Leão tea bags are sold in every supermarket in Brazil. If you’ve ever been to Brazil and drank tea in either a restaurant or via one of the many food carts, it is likely that you have tried Matte Leão.

Simply Put its by far my favorite tea bag to use when making iced Mate tea. Mate Leão sells tea bags to the U.S. via Amazon. They have affordable options for Natural Tea, Lemon Tea, and also their loose leaf yerba mate (tostado).