Yerba Mate Is President Obama’s New Favorite Drink

Obama’s got a new favorite tea! According to The Telegraph Obama’s favorite drink used to be “black forest berry iced tea”, but now all he can talk about is his love for Argentine Yerba Mate. It’s not hard to see why, Mate is packed with 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and many potent antioxidants that can give a relaxed energy boost throughout your day. Here is a breakdown of Obama’s recent gushing remarks about Yerba Mate and its virtues during his trip to Argentina. Images and video courtesy of NowThis.

On his most recent diplomatic mission Obama talks of strengthening the bonds between Argentina and The United States and of course about their famous tea! Here Obama poses with new Argentine president Mauricio Macri, and breaks the ice at the press conference with some glowing remarks about Yerba mate.

Obama looks as happy as a school-boy when he proudly says to the crowd “I’m proud to announce that I just tried Mate for the first time”.

Obama talks of how in college he would read the famous Argentine writers Jorge Luis Borges & Julio Cortázar. These writer embodied what it meant to be an Argentine. They mentioned Mate in their writings so Obama knew about the strong cultural significance of Yerba Mate in South America BUT he had never tried it tea for himself.

“So I knew when I finally arrived in Buenos Aires I would try some, and I just had some and it was quite good!”

Now Obama can say that he has finally tried Yerba Mate. But did he like it?

“My staff thought I was very clear headed at the press conference”

“and they said it must be the mate”.

I think leaving the U.S. and its constant political turmoil has been good for Obama!

He has had a whirlwind trip, visiting influential south american politicians and giving speeches on the path forward for Argentina & The United States. Anyone would be a little tired after all that. But he’s been sharp the whole trip and his staff thinks that the South American tea is the reason why.

“So I may take some home with me when I go back the United States” – this is the first thought every tourist who visits South America has when they contemplate life back home without Mate tea.

“I don’t know what kind of import and export controls I may be violating” – this is the second thought every tourist has.

“On Air Force One I can usually do what I want”. Finally, this is what only the president of the free world says when he realizes small import laws don’t apply to him.

Now he can bring his favorite tea back home with him!

Success! President Obama enjoys his last cup of Yerba Mate tea in Argentina. Next stop – USA!

Obama wouldn’t have needed to worry so much about import/export laws if he had read my post about the 5 best Yerba Mate Brands, all of which can be bought online in the United States and can be delivered to any doorstep, including the White House!

In a couple days this could be you saying this:

Still confused, still wondering what is Yerba Mate tea? Learn about Yerba Mate’s history, how its grown, how to drink it & more.

Watch the entire NowThis video compilation of Obama’s recent remarks.

President Obama Likes To Sip On Mate TeaPresident Obama tried mate, a special kind of tea in Argentina, — and he can’t stop talking about it

Posted by NowThis on Friday, March 25, 2016

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